Are Red Led Lights Illegal Inside My Car

Are Red Led Lights Illegal Inside My Car

Are Red LED Lights Legal On My Car?

Red led lights and other lights need to be looked into when it comes to putting them on the outside or inside of your vehicle.

Can I put led lights under my car? And can I drive with them on?

This is a very common question. I would love to tell you that it was legal, but in most places it is not. And most of us look for that small flaw in the law that lets us. Most laws are going to state that all colors the same as moving emergency vehicles are illegal to have on the outside of your vehicle.

So now you think, "Oh, well if I put on green neons I can drive with them on whenever I want." That's pretty much what I thought too until I was pulled over within fifteen minutes of time. Even if the laws state only certain colors are legal, the law enforcement team is going to find you and not like any colors.

Another law states that any lighting device on the outside of a vehicle that steals the attention of other drivers is not legal. This is somewhat opinion in my mind. But they will find you if they do not like it.

Can I drive with red lights on the inside of my vehicle?

While driving, most laws are going to state that if the red led lights or whatever type of lighting device your using is visible from other drivers, it is illegal. This goes back to the emergency lights on the road law. If others can see it, there going to think of an emergency vehicle and that could create chaos.

Once you get the broad idea of how most of the laws work, than they all kind of flow together in a way. Yes, there are terms and small lettering than can probably be bypassed. But if the officer just does not like it, he can simply just write you a driving violation and that's end of the story.

Author Chris is one of the biggest car junkies you will ever meet. When it comes to cars, he always has his head in too deep. Check out some more of his guides on red led lights and lighting questions. There are some laws on red led lights that should be looked into a little deeper before just installing them on a vehicle.

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