Do Highway Lights Turn Off Around You Too

Do Highway Lights Turn Off Around You Too

You're driving down the highway at night and out of the corner of your eye you notice the highway lamp pole turn off its light. Weird you think to yourself. But over the course of time you start to notice it more and more. What exactly is going on?

What you may or may not be experiencing is something researchers have termed "street light interference" or SLI for short. Some paranormal researchers have deemed that our bodies have the capabilities to interact with different light sources and affect their ability to turn on and off.

Personally, this has happened to me since high school. I can clearly remember one time when I was driving back from my girlfriend's house after a fight and coming onto the highway at night. Upon approaching the onramp, in the foul mood that I was in, I noticed that a whole row of lights went out. I thought nothing of it at the time. I couldn't associate it with anything. Plus, I was ripped at my girlfriend for ticking me off. Now, individual lights turn off around me while driving (and while I'm driving different cars much for the "misaligned headlights" theory). Not only do they turn off on the highway but they also turn off on backroads. It hasn't happened yet inside a house or other structure..only when I'm driving.

I really have no explanation for it. I can theorize it's this or that, but who really knows. I'm spiritually in touch with myself enough to think that it's loved ones who have moved on who are just giving me a quick hello, or, we're still here with you. I like that thought better than anything else.

I've talked to some people who have experienced this (as my father has as well), and some people cannot wear battery operated watches. Again, this points to something logically towards how our bodies act as conductors or capacitors of energy. You ever rub your fingers on the carpet, or dragged your feet on the carpet and then touched something metal? Yep, static electricity. Our bodies were designed to hold certain amounts of electricity, thus acting in some ways as a capacitor.

The next time you're driving at night, pay some attention to the street lights around you. If you see them turn off (consistently during the week, or inconsistently), feel free to come over to and leave me a message to discuss what happened to you. I'd love to talk about it.

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