Use Floating Fishing Lights When Fishing For Crapp

Use Floating Fishing Lights When Fishing For Crapp

There is a crappie fishing at night technique that is seldom used but by the good old boys in the south. If you want to catch a mess of good sized specks (crappie) then listen up.One of the best times to fishing for crappie (specks, white perch ) at night in the deep south is during the months November, December, January, February, and March. Find yourself a bridge or some other structure like man made fish attractors that are common on Sothern public waters. This is where you will want to set up for the night. I use two types of night fishing lights that you may want to purchase.Drop a underwater fishing light down about 3 ft, and right on top of the water near where you put your submerged light place a floating fishing light. Now wait at least 30 minutes so the underwater fishing light has time attract some zooplankton, Then the baitfish like crappie minnows or shad (if you have them native in your waters) will be drawn to your location. Also you need to give your floating fishing light time to attract some bugs. Once you start hearing a slight popping noise on the surface of the water you will know the crappie (specks) have arrived, and the fun will start when you are fishing for crappie at night.A good crappie fishing rod to use here is a 8 to 10ft uncle bucks crappie rod, because they have a great deal of flex and most importantly they so you can reach out and place your crappie bait right near both your night fishing lights,

Which are the underwater fishing light and the floating fishing light.It is a good thing to have multiple crappie fishing rods set up with different crappie baits when you are crappie fishing at night so you can switch setups quickly. One crappie rod could be set up with a small 1/8 ounce crappie jig tipped with a wax worm, and fished near the surface, remember that popping noise I was talking about? , and another set up with a bobber , a small split shot with a number 4 Aberdeen hook and Missouri minnow. You may have to vary your depths until you find where the crappie (specks) are suspending until you hit the right combination when you are fishing for crappie at night. Well folks I hope my tips here have been helpful, good luck on your next night fishing for crappie trip!

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